We take immense pride in the image of not only our building common areas, but our tenants’ spaces as well. We believe that a tenant’s office space is a reflection of their company, and that first impression is extremely important to both the company’s clients and its employees. We use the highest building standards in Northern Nevada. We can offer flexible deal structures that include “turn-key” tenant improvements and Tenant Improvement Allowances. We enjoy working with tenants to create the best possible buildout for their needs and to create the right image their company wants to portray to their clients. Here is a sample of some of our interiors:

NevDev5310Kietzke02NevDev5310Kietzke03spine-interiorNevDev5310Kietzke06NevDevProCircle01NevDevProCircle02NevDevProCircle03Guild RBC VGT Western-Title lobbySlider morganLobby

ceilinglobbyShotNevDev5310Kietzke01NevDev5310Kietzke04NevDev5310Kietzke05morganInnerOffice sutton suttonLobby upstairsLobby vgt viewShot

amodeiDoor amodeiLobby conference kietzkeConf rbcLobby spineConf spineCubes spineDesk spineHall spineKitchen spineOffices spineStairs vgtLobby
suite103 suite200


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Client: NevDex Interiors

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